If you are interested in a painting you see here, please contact, CRESTWOODS GALLERY – contact@crestwoodsgallery.com or contact Gwen at gwengutwein@gmail.com

All paintings are completed in the finest quality oil pigments on linen or prepared panel.

A Day To Relax - 16x20

A Winter Evening 27x45

After a Spring Shower - 29 x17

Cattle of Quindio Colombia - 12x24

Dia de Mercado (Market Day) - 21x31

Eagle Marsh Glow - 8.75x14

East State Village - 25x34


Facing the Morning Sun - 8x13

Farm Birds 9.25x17.5

Friday Night Lights - 18x36

Gentle Morning Canvas 1 - 16x20

Gentle Morning Canvas 2 - 16x20


Horses in Belgium - 15x24

Hungry Morning (sheep) - 12x16


Marvin's Cows - 12x24


Moonlight Waltz - 18x24

Morning Mist on Seven Sisters - 18x32

Mother on the Street (Madre en la Calle) 21x27

My Chicken! 18x24

Night Lights - 12x16

Our Cage - 36x36

Pressing for Sorghum - 17.75x10.5

Quiet Morning in the Greek Isles - 24x18

Reaching for the Sun - 14x18

Spring Bouquet - 14x18

Sunrise and Morning Mist - 24x30

The Barn Painter - 24x26.5

The Crop Duster - 24x18

The Quilter at the State Fair - 12x16

Wearing Ruffles - 12x14