Art Organizations and Artist’s Groups are encouraged to contact Gwen concerning workshops and scheduling. Gwen teaches workshops in oil painting (in your classrooms or plein air) and watercolor (in your classrooms only). Gwen has many years of experience in learning and teaching.  Her workshops are presented in a way that encourages students while they learn.  She can present many different subjects and interests offering a broad range of workshop options:

For example:  How to paint trees—How to develop a non-toxic environment in your studio—Mixing colors/Maintaining Values—Non-Toxic products from Start through Finish—How to Paint Water and Reflections

Workshops can be scheduled as you need them: one-day, weekend, all week, evening, please contact Gwen for more information, pricing and scheduling.

Here is a reference you may contact:

Barb Yoder, President Fort Wayne Artists’ Guild


Workshop Student Comments

"Thanks for your patience and I will be watching for future classes being taught by you…..On another note, I also noticed that I look at things differently now.  As I ride along I find myself looking at light and colors, especially in the trees-my favorite subject-and try to decide if I could paint that?  Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge, and thanks for your time."  

~ Tony

"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed (painting classes).  I have learned so many new techniques and have expanded upon my knowledge of color immensely."

~ Sarah

"Thanks for taking me as a student … I can see my improvements and have built some confidence in my abilities."

~ Dave