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Paintings by Gwen Gutwein

  • 11" x 8.5" Hardbound Cover
  • Color Dust Jacket
  • Approximately 208 Pages


The Heritage Barns of Indiana Project is a completed project by Gwen Gutwein. This new publication features 185 HERITAGE BARN paintings from all 92 counties in Indiana as well as the captivating history and stories on the barns. This book will be an adventure worth traveling time and time again. The Heritage Barns of Indiana Project has been honored as a Bicentennial Legacy Project.

This book is a must have for your collection and would make a wonderful gift for sons, daughters or any history or travel enthusiast on your list!

About the Author & The Heritage Barn Project

In 2004 I embarked on a self-prescribed project to document on canvas in oil paint, historic barns from throughout my home state of Indiana. I had several motivations and goals. First of all I felt a need and a desire to hone my talents. Why not paint subject matter that spoke to my heart? Because I have a love of old barns stemming from my childhood, I was also concerned about the demise facing our historic barns. Maybe my painting project could spotlight and help save our rural treasures.

It took over twelve years of meandering travel and painting to complete 185 historic barn paintings from throughout Indiana. You might ask, why paint? Why not just photograph the barns?

Our eyes see very differently than a camera’s eye. Our eyes can see the delicate nuances of color within shadows and soft hues within reflected light. Our eyes see subtle variations in values.

Therefore I chose to paint on location as much as possible. Often I spent many hours and even days standing quietly observing a barn. Time to see and feel all the subtleties mentioned above but also the character of each barn, in essence, to capture the barn’s portrait. I feel this series of Indiana barn paintings will continue to enrich the lives of others. In that way I can give back with my talents to my community, my city and my state.